Welcome to 2015-2016 Year!


 I cannot tell you how many mixed emotions are going through my head at this moment:

I am THRILLED to be leading the most hospitable state in our nation;
I am HUMBLED that the membership has faith in me; and
I am GRATEFUL for the opportunities within our reach to become even greater!

For who?

For every child that every local PTA/PTSA can touch!

I believe we will see great strides within our local units because one thing is for certain…in this uncertain world we live in each day, there is a genuine comfort in just hearing “We have a PTA in our school”. It may be a small comfort – but it is a consistent one.

It is within our ability to enlarge that comfort zone through STRONGER programs over this next year! More meaningful present day concerning programs…programs that will make parents write the date down on their calendars so they don’t miss them… kind of programs, AND fun programs for our middle and high school parents AND their students.

As Walt Disney once said, ” The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing”!

Your State Board is here to help you get started wherever you are located in South Carolina and at whatever stage your PTA may be in. We will be traveling around the state during the summer conducting regional trainings. Check the website for one nearest you and PLEASE attend. You will leave knowing so much more and feeling surrounded by those who want you to succeed!

Until next time,

Very sincerely,

Tanya Robinson
SCPTA President
“The achievement of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual”
Vince Lombardi