Reflection Questions

Past Questions

  • I am following up with you on a question about special artists.  Would they be able to participate in the literature competition if their submission is oral as opposed to written down?  I’m sure some have a story to share, but writing and typing wouldn’t be an option.  Another thought might be if they would be able to use word prediction software to get their thoughts on paper.  I would love to hear if either of these options would be accepted by the national PTA.

Pulled the following from the Special Artist rules from SCPTA/national website:

Allowable Accommodations: Given the diverse range of physical and mental disabilities that exist, it would be impossible to outline specific accommodations for each and every disability, but the following provides a nonexhaustive list of allowable accommodations:

 o The Special Artist Division will not be divided by age or traditional school grade level. 
o Use of adaptive technology is allowed. 
o All submissions must be solely created by the special artist. However, a parent, teacher or other adult may assist the special artist with typing, holding a camera, etc.

Accommodations that are Not Allowed: Individuals providing assistance to special artists may not, in any way, involve themselves in the actual artistic process by: 

o Personally selecting a title for artwork. 
o Writing, editing or interpreting a student’s artist statement, story, poetry or script. 
o Choreographing a dance, composing music or writing lyrics. 
o Drawing, painting or personally creating a visual arts submission, choosing a camera angle, etc. 

How I interpret this – an assistant could transcribe the words of a Special Needs student, but could not change/edit it in any way.

  • A Kindergartener has submitted a cardboard house made out of various recycled pieces. How do I proceed w this entry?  I would say the box is the size of a stove or other large appliance. I am thinking I could take pictures!

I’d say taking a photograph would be about the only way to submit this entry BUT the photograph would need to be taken by the student.  Unless this young artist is very steady with a camera, I’d wager the photograph will not do it justice and it might not be one of the top four i.e. not advance to state.

The visual arts rules are very clear about 3D entries and the size limits, so I hope the parents will be understanding.  FYI, national PTA is considering allowing 3D artwork in the future.  Not sure how the actual pieces would be transported or displayed though.  Not our problem to worry about right now. 

So there are two options:
1) have the student take a photo of the recycled house and submit in the photography category or
2) recognize the student’s efforts & creativity at the local level with some type of “Chairs Choice” award, but it would be disqualified from competing.                                                                     
                                                                                                  ~Response received from state chair, Carol Beard

I had a student submit 4 different photos (4X6) with 1 entry form. Can I submit all 4 photos with a copy of the original entry form, with the same artist statement, etc? Or does she need 4 different artist statements? They are all photos from the same location.


Depends on the student……did they want four entries? If so, make a photocopy of the entry form and place it on the entry.
If they only wanted one they can be judged together as one entry.

Also, we only had 1 student submit an entry in the music composition category. Do I still have him judged? Or can I just call him the winner? I didn’t know if I had to report an actual score?

The one entry would be your first place.

Can the same person place both 1st & 2nd in the same category? I have a student who submitted two entries in the same category & my judge scored them 1st & 2nd.

Yes they can.

Almost all of my visual arts submissions need to be protected in plastic, what do you recommend for larger 12×18 pieces?

Go to Photographix on,-80.1818209&sspn=0.0002136,0.0003396&q=photographix+summerville+scThey have many plastic sheets that Are cheap and used for larger items.