Membership Registration Google Form

PTA database templateBased on the new system we have established for membership this coming year, we have attached the membership template that you will need to use to collect the information that is needed for the State this year.  PTA database template

I have also included a membership form that was created in GOOGLE Forms linked to our website.  The Google Form link is HERE.  Linking to the website will be quick and easy and you will not have to type in the address.  I know some of you have thought about creating your own but with this linked to our website, it will provide a smoother process for you and the parents (for example:  if link is lost you just go back to our website and continue).

Suggestions for days of registration:

1.  Use attached form and have parents write in the needed information (yellow information is needed – Please obtain cell number if at all possible.

2.  Use laptop or IPads at school to connect to the link.  Once the link is put on each school’s website, I will let you know.  Each time a parent selects submit – a message will appear that states “submit another response”.  You may then select and it is ready for the next parent.

3.  Possibly have PTA in a computer lab to help parents join and complete the information based on the setup established by your school principal.
SEND FINALIZED MEMBERSHIPS LISTS TO [email protected].  This will need to be sent every time there are new members.