Message from District 23 PTA President – Convocation 2015

My name is Cori Gubler and it is a pleasure to be here today to speak with you about PTSA.  I am currently serving in my second year as the District 23 PTA President.  It has been an absolute joy for me to serve in this position, especially within the schools of DD2! This past year I have come to know our schools and please know I mean it when I say I want to give each of you a most sincere thank you – a thank you to our teachers, administrators and staff of Dorchester District Two – for your support of PTA!

Last year, I introduced myself and told you that I am a mother of five children. Let me remind you it is no doubt my family dinner table represents many of the personalities of the students in your classroom! I have children in my family that are typical, and children that are gifted. I have one that may be gifted but is so stubborn we may never know the truth, BUT – he’s delightful nonetheless! I have one with an autism diagnosis and one has anxiety. I have a son that lives and breathes to play soccer for the Green Wave! I have children who love performing in steel band, marching band and chorus. I have children that excel academically and others that, well, excel socially.   As I shared last year, although each of my children are different, I still want each of them to be successful and THAT IS THE MISSION OF PTA! To be a powerful voice for ALL children, a relevant resource for families and communities and a strong advocate for the education and well-being of EVERY CHILD. We are a non-profit organization consisting of volunteers that support various programs that benefit students.

I want to take a moment and state the names of the amazing board members I get the opportunity to serve with:

  • 1st VP is DeVane Trigiani from Fort Dorchester High School
  • 2nd VP is Teresa Garcia who is involved at Flowertown Elementary and Rollings Middle School of the Arts
  • 3rd VP is Loretta Mitchum from DuBose Middle School
  • Secretary is Christina Hernandez from Rollings Middle School
  • Treasurer is Anna Tuten whose children graduated from Fort Dorchester High School

Also, within our district, we have Ms. Tanya Robinson, who serves on our School Board and as our SC State PTA President!

I encourage you to get to know these talented ladies as they are well-versed in the mission of PTA.

I am so appreciative of Mr. Pye and the fact that he the fully supports PTA. I absolutely love listening to his stories of when he was a school administrator and had such a positive association with his PTA Presidents. They accomplished SO much and involved so many. He encourages parents to be in our schools and understands the importance of how when administrators, teachers, parents, and students ALL work together it equals SUCCESS for CHILDREN!   We know he supports these things because he walks the walk by including PTSA in his superintendent goals. I want to thank each of YOU for welcoming parents into your schools!

***Did you know that PTA is the organization that brought us kindergarten? PTA is also the organization that brought our children a hot lunch program, universal immunizations against preventable diseases, a juvenile justice system, and PTA brought us child labor laws to protect children from exploitation. PTA was founded in 1897, 118 years ago!   PTA has a great history and a great future, especially here in Dorchester District 2! District 23 PTA is building relationships! We are training local units, increasing communication and as part of the District PTA board I can honestly tell you we are genuinely happily serving YOU! We have no agenda other than to help YOU and to help children succeed.

District 23 PTA this past year produced not one but TWO South Carolina PTA Principals of the Year! Ms. Vernisa Bodison from Windsor Hill Elementary School was awarded SC PTA Elementary Principal of the Year and Mr. Ted Brinkley from DuBose Middle School was awarded the SC State PTA Middle/High School Principal of the Year award. This means that these two individuals were recognized over their peers throughout the entire state of SC for their efforts in supporting the mission of PTA. District 23 produced 21 students that won at the state level in the various Reflections arts program categories and we had TWO National Award of Excellence recipients that were from our district. One was from Ashley Ridge High School, Tiffany Holt won in the photo category and from Summerville High School, Ann Bailey, won in film! I have been in our schools and have children in our schools and I KNOW that each of YOUR schools have PTSAs that are doing amazing things!

THIS IS a time of RENEWAL for PTA! I encourage you to carry the card that counts. I urge you to, like me, carry the PTA card.

Thank you!

Cori Gubler